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Three milestones

These three extraordinary works of art proved, in different ways, to be turning points in the development of human creativity

10,000 - 25,000 years old

Three milestones

The cave paintings of Tito Bustillo

The Paleolithic drawings of animals, made from memory on the walls of caves in Asturias, are one of the great marvels of the suddenly-expanded human mind.


Three milestones

Three Aspects of the Absolute - Bulaki

This silver and gold triptych is a representation of Hindu metaphysics. Nothing like this had been seen before in Indian painting or, indeed, in the whole history of art.


Three milestones

Kajikazawa in Kai Province - Hokusai

According to Simon Schama, this is just about as perfect a picture as any mortal would ever make. It’s also where modern art begins.